Cause of Death Revealed in Case of Man Who Drove Into River

The death of 45-year-old Kevin Devon Ramsey has been ruled accidental, according to Glynn County Coroner Marc Neu. Ramsey died August 14th, when the car he was driving ran through a stop sign at N and Newcastle Streets and was launched into the East River.  Rescuers were unable to retrieve him from the car alive. Reports at the time suggested the crash was a suicide, but investigators never found any evidence to support that notion. Estimates at the time pegged the car’s speed around 100 miles per hour as he ran the stop sign, however the car’s computer showed the car’s max speed at the time to have been only 53 miles per hour. Mr. Ramsey was reported to have suffered from seizures and officials are unable to rule out the possibility that Mr. Ramsey was suffering from a seizure at the time of the crash. Toxicology results are still pending.