Threatening Graffiti Found at Risley, Update From Chief Ellis

Another hand written threat was found a bathroom wall yesterday in a Glynn County school, this time at Risley Middle. The threat, which has not been proved credible, stated that a student would shoot other students today. Officials said the source of the threat has not been determined. However, school will continued as planned. Additional school resource officers will be at the school along with extra Glynn County police officers.  Risley administrators will send an “all-call” telephone message to parents of students, and SROs will continue to investigate the matter to determine who wrote this message.

This evening, Glynn County Schools Police Chief Rod Ellis asked us to distribute the following message:

"Risley Middle School parents, I have low confidence in the validity of the graffiti written on a bathroom wall at RMS indicating that the schools will be shot up tomorrow. This rhetorical threat is designed to disrupt. I will have extra staff on hand and please don't allow this to disrupt your day or that of your children. Chief Rod Ellis~Glynn County Board of Education Police."