Barack Obama and the "Peaceful Transition of Power"

In the weeks leading up to the inauguration, the media and pundits kept extolling the virtues of our great nation, notably, the fact that we have always enjoyed the “peaceful transition of power.” Now, I’d heard the phrase here and there in my lifetime, but I hadn’t really given it much thought, mostly because we HAD always enjoyed that. But I’m not gonna lie to you: when everyone in the media starts echoing the same phrase I get a little suspicious that something’s up.

The theory I came up with is that our friends in the media, who I think sincerely believe their own spin, were trying to remind those e-vil, violent Trump thugs that they need to stop all the violence they were out there causing. You know, like this, and this, and this. I think they really believed the false stories they were telling about all the women around the country having their hijabs ripped off in WalMart, all the churches being burned in Trump’s name, all the women being assaulted on subways because Trump’s victory emboldened them to. I thought they were just trying to stave off non-potential disasters.

But then I saw the footage from Manahattan yesterday.

During the campaign Trump announced that he could walk down Fifth Avenue and shoot a guy and not lose any support. It was true and that worried me. It meant there was a cult of personality building up around Trump, one that didn’t have anything at all necessarily to do with his policies or his promises. Those are the kinds of things that make me worry, and I worried about it throughout the campaign.

However, yesterday made me remember something I said during the campaign. I’d said during many a discussion and often on the air that the cult of personality that was developing around Donald Trump was scarily similar to that that had grown up around Barack Obama. It wasn’t said by the press as they criticized trump during the campaign, but Obama could also shoot a guy on Fifth Avenue and not lose any support. In fact, depending on whom he shot, he might gain some support. Remember, it was for the love of Obama that they turned the Nobel Peace Prize into a participation trophy.

And Obama hasn’t done what most Presidents do: step out of the public spotlight and respect the office of the president. Instead, he has used his former campaign site to instruct the people how they can stage protests, shout down their Congressmen, and cause general unrest. Let that sink in: a former president is instructing Americans as to how they can disrupt the American political process.  And the material isn’t about having a dialogue, letting both sides be heard.  It’s about shutting the system down.

As I said before, then I saw the footage from Manahattan yesterday.

It was of Obama leaving a meeting in midtown, heading to his Presidential-sized entourage and waving and grinning for his devoted admirers, of whom there were hundreds. They were screaming, practically fainting, selfie-ing, and recording the moment for posterity on their phones. It made me realize something. This “peaceful transition of power” stuff was hooey and they knew it all along.

Think about this: the left created the narrative that there are two Americas. They created a cult of personality around Barack Obama. They created the myth that he enjoyed Reaganesque success during his time in the Oval Office. They then sat quietly as he fomented insurrection in the country. And they fostered the notion that Donald Trump is #NotMyPresident.

Well, if Trump isn't these people's president then who is? Sounds to me like it’s Barack Obama. This “peaceful transition of power” stuff came from the same people who always say exactly the opposite of what they mean: we don’t want your guns, you can keep your doctor, we don’t want socialism. They don’t want a peaceful transition of power. They want two Americas, they’ve already elected their leader, and he’s already accepted.

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