Mulvaney Announces G7 at Trump Doral, Press Corps Goes Crazy

RUSH: Mick Mulvaney, the White House chief of staff, is doing a press conference right now. He announced that Trump is gonna host the next G7 at -- dadelut, dadelut, dadelut -- Trump's Doral resort in Miami. And the media is beside itself! "Oh, my God! He's gonna make money off the G7 summit! Oh, my God! This is not right! This is not fair," and Mulvaney is very calmly explaining to them how the president is not gonna be making any money off of it, that the president doesn't need any brand enhancement.

Mulvaney said (summarized), "I think everybody knows the Trump brand. Trump doesn't need to promote his brand. He hasn't made any money working here at the White House. He's not going to be making any money." He said, "Look, the last one of these things we did was at Camp David and you people in the media all hated it, and so did the participants. It was too small at Camp David for that many people, and you people in the media were complaining that it took a one-hour bus ride just to get there.

"So we thought we would do it at a place that makes much more sense in a resort setting, and it's gonna cost a lot less money since the president owns it!" But the media can't deal. Folks, they're screaming, "Emoluments! Emoluments! Emoluments clause! Emoluments clause! The president is profiting from his position as president," and Mulvaney said, "No, you don't understand this. We knew your reaction is gonna be this. Why do you think I'm out here telling you this? We wanted you to go bonkers."

He didn't say that, but that's one of the obvious things that's going on here.


RUSH: Let me have it. Me have it. The media wants an investigation by the Judiciary Committee on Trump's decision to hold the G7 at Doral. I'm not making it up.


RUSH: Mulvaney was funny. He's still doing a little presser out there to announce the G7 meeting. It's next June, early June, at the Doral resort, the Trump Doral result. The media is beside itself. They just can't believe Trump would do this. "Emoluments clause! Emoluments clause! He can't do this! He's profiting! He's profiting!" Mulvaney was asked, "Will the Judiciary Committee investigate this?" Mulvaney said, "Well, that is a great question. You know, I hadn't thought about that. I don't know if they're gonna have time.

"They're impeaching the president right now. Are they gonna have time to look into the G7 at Doral? I don't know. Maybe they would. I wouldn't put anything past them, but they gotta do something about impeachment first." He's talking to them about Ukraine now. We're rolling audio on this, and we will have it for you in due course.


RUSH: So Mick Mulvaney during the press conference announcing the G7 at the Trump Doral golf resort next June was asked if the White House was concerned at the choice of Doral as a location would send a bad message about self-dealing to the rest of the world. Mulvaney said, "No." He didn't go on and elaborate. (summarized) "No. It won't send a bad message at all. Screw you!" He did not take one question from CNN, and they are ticked.

I want to share with you some of these sound bites of Mulvaney. Mulvaney is a brilliant guy. He is from South Carolina. He's a former member of Congress. He was at the Office of Management and Budget first, now the acting chief of staff, a Trump loyalist. Funny, funny, smart the guy. He's a good golfer, hits the ball a mile. He's a very wiry, thin guy, very flexible, can really wind up.

He's got explosive swing speed. He's constantly in control of things so he does a presser today to announce that the next G7 in early June will be at the Trump Doral resort in Miami. Sound bite 23, 24, 25. First question is from CNBC White House correspondent Eamon... I'm sorry. It's Eamon Javers or Javers or Javers or Javers or Javier, whatever, asking about the decision.

JAVERS: How is this not just an enormous conflict of interest for the president to host the G-7 at his own resort, and how will the president continue to criticize the Biden family for self-dealing at the same time he's doing this?

MULVANEY: Uh, first off, you're not making any profit. I think we've already established that.

JAVERS: (crosstalk) -- marketing and branding opportunity.

MULVANEY: It's a huge...? I've heard that. I've heard that. I've heard that before. You know, I guess I've been the chief now for about nine or 10 months, and I always hear, whenever we go to Mar-a-Lago, "It's a huge branding opportunity." Whenever he plays golf at Trump Bedminster, when he goes to play golf at Trump up in Sterling, and everybody asks the questions, "Is it not a huge marketing opportunity?" I would simply ask you all to consider the possibility that Donald Trump's brand is probably strong enough as it is, and he doesn't need any more help on that.

REPORTERS: (interrupting)

MULVANEY: It's the most recognizable name in the English language and probably around the world right now. So, no, that has nothing to do with it.

RUSH: Nothing to do with it. Note the question: "How can he criticize the Biden family when he's hosting the G7 at the Doral?" These people are such children in addition to being uneducated, blissfully ignorant. So up next is Kristen Welker. And she is... Let's see. She's the NBC White House correspondent. What happened to Hallie Jackson? I thought she was the White House correspondent.

You know, they shuffle these women around at NBC maybe for reasons we're just now learning that these women over at NBC get shuffled around. I could have sworn that Hallie Jackson was the White House correspondent. Anyway, now it's somebody named... uhhh ... Kristen Welker, and also somebody from Fox News, Kevin Corke, and they're asking about using Doral same time.

WELKER: This is a business of optics. How is the president gonna stand on a debate stage, if in fact Vice President Biden wins --


WELKER: -- the nomination and try to make an argument that he profited off his vice presidency, when he's (crosstalk)?

MULVANEY: He's going to do that extraordinarily well.

CORKE: You're trying to put it in a place that you think is the best, maybe save the taxpayers some money -- which is important for all of us. But sometimes because of the appearance of impropriety, you don't make that call.

MULVANEY: We know the environment we live in. You all know the environment that we live in. And he's simply saying, "Okay. That's fine. I'm willing to take that." The same way he takes it when he goes to Trump Mar-a-Lago, the same when he goes to play Trump Bedminster. He got over that a long time ago. We absolutely believe this is the best place to have it. We're gonna have it there, and there's gonna be folks who will never get over the fact that it's a Trump property. We get that. But we're still gonna go there.

RUSH: Translation: "(Raspberry) you!"

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