Ron Reagan’s Atheist Ad Placed Perfectly in CNN Debate

RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, did you watch the debate last night? Did you happen to see the ad in the middle of the debate sponsored by the Freedom From Religion...? (interruption) Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. What a perfectly placed ad! Let's say that you are a group of idiots. You're a group of wackos. You are miserable and you were unhappy, and you hate religion. You hate everything about it! You don't like religion being in your face.

You don't like living in a country that is deeply rooted in the Judeo-Christian religious ethic. You just hate it, and so you want to let everybody know how much you hate their religion and how much you hate them forcing their religion down your throat. So what do you do? Where would you buy an ad? Why, what better place than the Democrat Party presidential debate -- and that's what this group did!

The Freedom From Religion group, whatever it is. Ron Reagan -- the son of Ronaldus Magnus, Ron Reagan -- was the spokesman. Let me check real quick. I want to see... We may not have it 'cause we don't give away advertising on this program. They didn't buy time here because we wouldn't sell it to them. (muttering) Nope! Don't have it. I don't need it. I can tell you exactly what this was. This was Ron Reagan, who is bitter and angry over a lot of things, so he was the perfect spokesman to hire.

He's on camera proudly representing the Freedom From Religion... This is an ad right in the middle of the Democrat Party debate, and he goes through this script talking about how oppressive religion is and how you don't have to succumb to it and there's a whole lot of people that haven't and here's a pitch to join us at the Freedom From Religion group, and the tag line delivered by Ron Reagan was (dadelut, dadelut, dadelut), "I'm Ron Reagan, not afraid of burning in hell," and they cut right back to the Democrat debate!

It may be one of the most perfect ad placements in the history of advertising! You want to reach a bunch of people that don't like God, don't like religion, and have no fear of hell because they don't think it exists and so they don't mind burning there? (laughing) Run this ad in a Democrat debate! (laughing) Oh, man! It's one of those unforced errors, one of those things you couldn't predict. And I'm sure these people think they're helping the Democrats and helping themselves!

But what a perfect ad, a perfect commercial for tying into the overall mind-set, ideas, agenda of the Democrat Party. What was great about it was that the Democrats on the stage had no idea this ad had run! But you know what else was second great about it? They didn't go full screen commercial! They kept the Democrat candidates on the left half of the screen. Like in an NFL game with a 30 second time-out in the last two minutes, they keep action on the field.

There's no action, but they keep a view of game action on the field -- whatever's going on on sidelines or whatever -- while the commercial running on the right half of the screen. That's what they did here. So there's no debate happening. They're in a commercial break, but they kept the camera on the Democrat candidates while Ron Reagan is going on and on and on about what a bunch of rotgut religious people are. (laughing) I'm rubbing my hands together in glee when that happened. Okay. Let me take another brief time-out, folks. We have an obscene profit break -- and I promise you we will never have an ad from the Freedom From Religion group on this program.


RUSH: So you had... (laughing) So you had the Freedom From Religion Ron Reagan not afraid of burning in hell right in the middle of the debate, then the last question you have Anderson Cooper asking, "Okay. So Ellen DeGeneres sat down with George Bush. Any of you have relationships with people that might surprise us?" You know what that's like?

That would be like a bunch of people asking Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, "Do you know any Jews? Have you ever met a nice Jew?" Or asking somebody from the Nazi Party. I mean, it was the strangest thing! Like, it would have been a very odd answer if any of those people had any friends who were Republicans -- and it would have been fighting words if they said they did! You talk about out of touch and way gone?

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