More Info on Escapees Recaptured Yesterday

From the Glynn County Sheriff’s Department:

”At approximately 5:30 p.m. on 12/13/2021 two female inmates (29 year-old Amanda Shiver and

38 year-old Belinda Ballard) escaped from custody while on a supervised Courthouse cleaning

detail. Both inmates fled on foot to a vehicle parked at the Veterans Memorial Park across the

street from the Courthouse. There, a male (46 ycar-old Kristopher Kashula) accomplice to the

escape was waiting in a vehicle. However, Part-time Glynn County Sheriff's Deputy Craig

Brown confronted the accomplice who quickly surrendered himself.

Meanwhile, the female inmates drove or were driven away in a get-away vehicle. They

ultimately wrecked the vehicle and fled on foot near the 500 block of R Street in the City of

Brunswick. The Brunswick Police Department who were of tremendous assistance to the

Sheritt's Oftice responded quickly with a tracking dog and multiple officers and located the

female inmates hiding under a house. The female inmates were quickly captured and taken back

into custody.

The female inmates have both been charged with a felony count of escape and the male

accomplice has been charged with a felony count of aiding or permitting another to escape lawful

custody or confinement. There is an on-going investigation to determine if there were additional

accomplices to the escapes.”




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