New Jersey Man Arrested for Allegedly Vandalizing America's Stonehenge

Authorities in New Hampshire have arrested a New Jersey man for allegedly vandalizing the popular tourist attraction and possible ancient ruins known as America's Stonehenge. The bizarre and brazen crime, which occurred back in October of 2019, saw someone scrawl graffiti onto one of the site's stones using a power tool. The perpetrator also strung a wooden cross between two trees and on the object were a pair of puzzling pictures and some strange sketches. To the public, the case had seemingly gone cold over the last 15 months and many feared that it would ultimately wind up being an unsolved mystery.

However, behind the scenes, police in the city of Salem, where America's Stonehenge is located, were hard at work on tracking down the culprit and, on Wednesday, they announced that they had made an arrest in the case. Find out more on this story at the Coast to Coast AM website.