School System Will Not Make Up Missed Dorian Days

The Glynn County School Board. A their meeting tonight voted not to make up the three days missed due to the Hurricane Dorian evacuation...

‘’from Glynn County Schools:

At tonight’s Regular Board meeting, the Glynn County Board of Education voted to support the recommendation of the superintendent, Dr. Virgil Cole, not to make up the three missed days due to Hurricane Dorian –Tuesday, September 3; Wednesday, September 4; and Thursday, September 5. State law allows local boards to elect not to complete up to four days as a result of an emergency.

“We were fortunate that Hurricane Dorian spared our area the worst, which allowed us to get back to business on the Friday after the storm. That said, our current calendar does have some built-in discretionary ‘weather make-up’ days, which we may have to use if we have further cancellations or missed days,” said Dr. Cole.

The Glynn County Board of Education approvedNov. 25-26, 2019andDec. 19, 2019as the designated make-up days for the 2019-2020 school year calendar. It can be found under "School Year Calendars" on the “Parents” tab of the district website.

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